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Trade Mission to Penza, Russia

The purpose of the visit was to look at opportunities for investment within Penza, and specifically those for livestock production, along with promoting British livestock and genetics.

In May 2006 an exploratory mission to Penza was made.  The invitation was made to Nick White, Agri-Connect Ltd, through Richard Willows and Colin Hinchley of Heartland Farms and came from the Regional Governor, Mr Vasily Bochkarev.  Heartland Farms are farming and contracting over an expanding amount of arable land in the region, now around 12,000ha. Nick was accompanied on the visit by Ms Kim Haywood, Policy Adviser with the National Beef Association.

The Penza Region is located on the East European Plain, although most of its territory lies on the Volga Uplands. It is some 600km south, south east of Moscow. The region has an area of 43 200 km2, ranking 53rd among Russian regions in terms of size. It has a population of about 1.6 million people of whom a third live in the regional capital, Penza, itself.

Much of the land to the south of Penza is black earth, good for both cropping and grazing. The rainfall is 590mm/yr and the mean summer temperature is 20oc, winter -12oc, with lows of -40oc recorded.  During the visit to the Belinsky sub-region the weather was fine and settled at around 24oc.

A network of roads and railways passes through Penza Region, connecting it with neighbouring regions, Central Russia, the Urals, Siberia, and Central Asia. The region's favourable geographical location and its transportation resources play an important role in developing economic and cultural ties with other Russian regions and foreign countries.

In the livestock sector, there is particular emphasis on cattle breeding. Establishing a stable forage reserve, increasing the area sown in forage crops, and improving the condition of natural meadowlands are important objectives in expanding this sector.
Livestock numbers in the region are only a fraction of numbers in 1990.

The Regional and Sub-regional administrations are very much focussed on re-generating their livestock production through the application of modern management and genetics but also are looking for foreign investment in the region.

The purpose of the visit was to look at the opportunities for investment within the Penza region of the Russian federation, and specifically those for livestock production, along with pro-actively promoting British livestock and genetics.

If you would like further information on the opportunities within this growing market please do not hesitate to contact us.  Agri-Connect Ltd are also members of the British Livestock Genetics Consortium.

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