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case studies

WKD Consulting worked closely with Simon & Rachel Loadman of Unthank Farm & West Layton Farm to develop a strong business plan and supporting application for Rural Enterprise Scheme Funding (ERDP) to support this young farming couple’s aspirations to retail traditionally produced beef, lamb and pork via the internet.

Currently FABBL and ABP accredited the farm will be moving into organic conversion in September 2006 with full organic certification being achieved in September 2008.

The rationale for the project was simple – to ensure the viability of the underlying farm business in a less supported climate for agricultural businesses, and by improving the %age of product sold direct to the consumer the business would improve margins, and in turn profitability, leading to its long term sustainability and viability.  The project sought to tap into the growing consumer demand for high quality locally produced food innovatively using the internet as the businesses shop window.

WKD carried out:

  •  in-depth research into the potential market for locally produced food (including organics and e-retailing) to provide a sound structure for the business case

  • liaised with Rural Development Services representatives as necessary

  • developed an appropriate business plan and financial projections

  • completed and submitted the ERDP RES application forms along with supporting documentary evidence

  • acted as the “interface” between the client and funding organisation

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